User Interface Designs for E-Commerce Websites Using User Interface in Web Design Model and User Centered Design Model: A Comparison

Author: Barbosa, Cris Antony R.
Co-Author/s: Bustillos, Cristina U., Canlas, Crisanto V., Estoesta, Ronabelle G., Lintao, Roxanne P., Mabutas, Izza P., Caburnay, Geraldine J.
Month Completed: December
Year Completed: 2015
Funding Agency:
Status: Completed
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This thesis aimed to compare the user interface designs using User Interface in Web Design Model and User-Centered Design Model for E-Commerce Websites. Specifically, this sought to develop an e-commerce websites of Institute of Agriculture and Institute of Fisheries of DMMMSU-SLUC, and to compare the developed websites with different designs using Attrakdiffin terms of: Hedonic Quality (Identity), Hedonic Quality (Stimulation), Pragmatic Quality and Attractivity. The researchers utilized developmental and comparative methods of research. The respondents who compared the user interface designs of the developed E-Commerce Website were five IT experts, five 40 years old and above, and ten students who were selected purposively.

The researchers developed websites using the User Centered Design Model and User Interface in Web Design model development. The researchers also found out that website-1, which was developed using User Centered Design Model, performs well than website-2, which was also developed using User Interface in web Design Model, with 95% certainty that there is no incidental fluctuations in terms of Hedonic Quality(Identity), Hedonuc Quality (Stimulation), Pragmatic Quality, and Attractivity.