Relevance of on-the-job training job designation to the BSCS program

Author: Ancheta, Larjollene O.
Co-Author/s: Anor, Jefmar G., Balangue, Helen A., Danao, Allysa V., Ducusin, Darlyn G., Estanislao, Mc Reubert J.
Month Completed: March
Year Completed: 2014
Funding Agency:
Status: Completed
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This study aimed to determine the Degree of Relevance of On-The-Job Training Job Designation to the BSCS Program. Specially, it sought answers to the following questions: 1) What is the profile of the respondents as to: a) Age, b) Gender, c) OJT Grade; 2) What is the degree of relevance of the job designation of the OJT trainees? 3) What is the relationship between the profile and the relevance of job designation of the respondents? Descriptive method was used in this study for analyzing and interpreting data. Research found out ┬áthat most of trainees were at age range 18-20, most were females and most were graded at range of 1.0-1.50. Likewise, research found that degree of relevance of the respondent’s job designation was relevant. Furthermore, there was no significant relationship of age and gender between job designations, but , there was a significant relationship between OJT grade and job designation .