Relationship of Student’s Profile to Programming Difficulties Among BSCS Freshmen Students of DMMMSU-SLUC

Author: Imatong, Teresa T.
Co-Author/s: Alcuran, Brenda F., Ang-Angco, Kenneth John B., Castro, Melinda D., Castro, Rizalyn C., Eguilos, Gary B., Moskito, Charlene R.
Month Completed: March
Year Completed: 2014
Funding Agency:
Status: Completed
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This study primarily aimed to determine the relationship of student’s profile to programming difficulties of BSCS freshmen students in DMMMSU-SLUC. The study used the social descriptive research to describe the present condition. This was done through administration of survey questionnaire. Applying the Cochran’s formula, there are 184 sample respondents taken from the total population of the freshmen students. Findings revealed that majority of the respondents were female and were in the standard age for college level.Among the mathematical ability, IQ and GPA, mathematical ability of students was evidently higher. Out of the syntax, semantic and logical areas of programming, the respondents find logic as the most difficult. And, there is no significant relationship on the areas of difficulties and the profile of the respondents, except age and syntax relation