iTrace: a Wed – Based Student Monitoring System of College of Computer Science

Author: Crame, Joan E.
Co-Author/s: Balanag, Kimberly Joy A., Bernal, Raphael M., Imanil, John Paul U., Madrona, Remson R., Pangilinan, Jenno E., Rosadino, Kenneth Vincent B., Solis, Sheila Joy U.
Month Completed: March
Year Completed: 2014
Funding Agency:
Status: Completed
Cited by (Other Researchers):


The main objective of the study was to develop and iTrace: A Web-based Student Monitoring System of CCS. This System would help the college to have an efficient and faster way of locating of this students’ location.

In the conduct of the study, the researchers used descriptive method though administering survey questionnaire and interview; and applied method by the use of Agile Web Engineering Process Model and programming language like PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL.

The researchers determined the level of seriousness of the problems encountered in the process of monitoring students in the CCS which was perceived as moderately serious. In connecting to that, the researchers develop a system using the applied method of research. Further, the system has been validated and rated as much valid; its level of compliance which has been verified as much complied, and lastly, in term of level of usability which was recognized as a goodsystem.