iShelves: Android-Based Library for CCS

Author: Abellera, Zyra D.
Co-Author/s: Balagot, Lyka B., Doctolero, Juela C., Jusay, Renelyn O., Llobrero,Gladys Jane M., Lomboy, Manilyn D.
Month Completed: December
Year Completed: 2015
Funding Agency:
Status: Completed
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Our society is in the  midst of a digital revolution that is changing the way owe use information, communication, sharing information, and participating in social groups to address problems.

This study aimed to develop an Android-Based Library for CCS. The researchers aimed to satisfy the following objectives: (a) to identify the functional requirements of the iShelves; (b) to develop the iShelves; (c) to measure the level of reliability of search capability of the search engine: and (d) to determine the level of usability of the developed system. The researchers used descriptive and developmental methods. Trough the use of Enterprise Mobile Application Life Cycle with its phases, the researchers developed the mobile app. Interview questionnaires were also used.

The functional requirements play an important role in the development of the system as it specifies what the system should do. The Enterprise mobile Application Life Cycle was a great help, its phases was suitable in developing the mobile app. Based on the questionnaires administered, the result of the reliability shows that the information provided by the system was reliable and factual. And based on the administered usability questionnaire, it shows that most of the respondents are satisfied with how the system works, as considered as usable.