The guidance program embodies the different guidance services available to students, which aim to provide developmental, preventive, and remedial programs through individual and group counseling, admission and follow-up interpretation, maintenance of student file, referral service, and enrichment programs.

The Guidance and Counseling Unit assists the students achieve their maximum potential by developing self-awareness and self-realization. It administers well-planned assessment programs and maintains updated information about the students. It also conducts orientation, individual and group counseling sessions to promote and/or maintain positive students’ behaviour.

The following are the Guidance Services for the students:

Individual Inventory/Analysis Service. Gathering and recording of essential data and information about students/individuals for functional use.

Information Service. This provides clients with adequate and up-to-date information which is not normally afforded through formal instructional programs, done in the form of orientation programs, seminars, and workshops, enrichment sessions/programs, advertisements through bulletin board displays and electronic media and communication.

Counseling Service. Considered as the “HEART” of the guidance program, it is helping the students/clients to overcome their problems and difficulties through appropriate actions and proper adjustments, done in a private interview/dialogue between the counselor and client, administered in the form of individual and group counseling. It is more of a purposeful learning for the students.

Placement Service. This service determines the status of employment and job performance of graduates and the admission status of the new students.

Testing Service. The office administers emotional profile index, mental ability, personality test. These tests may help students in understanding themselves better.

Follow-up Service. Finding out if students who underwent counselling can find better adjustments to their difficulties. This also determines the academic performance of students who are under probationary status.

Research and Evaluation. To conceptualize research studies on the needs and concerns, personality characteristics, student services, factors that influenced students to enroll at DMMMSU.