The College aims to provide the students with opportunities for academic development and motivation to students to pursue for a successful undergraduate degree required in the computing industry through the provision of a student-centered learning environment and facilities, consultation services and the conduct of co-curricular programs.

The institution was able to establish several learning commons for students to provide them with convenient access to resources relevant to their learning. Study Centers are composed of reading references, free internet access, audio visual equipment and potable drinking water available for the benefit of CCS students.

There are also several study sheds which were put up to house students during their vacant periods. Students can also consult with faculty members in the lounge provided in the offices.

In the pursuit of providing the students with excellence in service, faculty members are also encouraged to advice students during their consultation hours to resolve concerns about their academic and interpersonal concerns. Faculty members also file for remedial activities in needed cases.

Aside from providing the students with quality instruction, the College also advocates co-curricular programs for the holistic development of the students. Through the initiative of the University Student Services Department, the college’s Students Affairs and Services designs sets of activities which aims to broaden the students’ keenness to artistry, craftsmanship, sports and competitive environments. These activities brought the college pride through the various awards achieved by students in the local, national and international settings.