College of Computer Science Research Directory

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    1. To generate technologies that are relevant to the needs of Region 1, disseminate research outputs through presentations to scientific fora, publication to refereed journals and application for patents,
    2. To mentor budding researchers resulting to increased percentage of faculty members conducting research and generating more relevant research outputs to address the needs of the region,
    3. To empower researchers to be globally competitive in the generation of technologies through capability building ,
    4. To upgrade/establish laboratory facilities and equipment for the conduct of basic, applied and action researches,
    5. To sustain and further establish linkages with local and international funding agencies,
    6. To apply for CHED Accredited Research Journal, and
    7. To sustain the two national centers (SRDI and NARTDI), one regional center (PCC), and to evaluate the performance of existing research and development centers of the University.