Usability Of System Citizens Information System of Agoo, La Union

Author: Aspiras, Andrew B.
Co-Author/s: Billote, Ronnie C., Gatchalian, Joseph A., Martinez, Jayson M., Pagar, Robie Q., Paneda, Michael J., Saldivar, Marvin O.
Month Completed: March
Year Completed: 2014
Funding Agency:
Status: On-Going
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The main objective of this study was to determine the usability of Senior Citizens Information System of MSWD, Agoo, La Union. Specifically the study sought to answer the following problems: 1). To assess the status of the existing Senior Citizen Information System. 1.1)’ what is the extent of the seriousness of the existing Senior citizen Information System? 2.) To determine Senior Citizen Information System.2.1) To what is the extent of the level of and validity of the Senior Citizen Information System? 3.) To determine the level of usability of the Senior Citizen information System Agoo, La Union. The exiting System of MSWD Agoo, La Union is still manual or traditional system and been determine the problems encountered in terms of Performance, Information, Economic, Control and Security, Efficiency and Service very Serous which means there is a need to develop a computerized information system. The developed system was settled through the problems encountered of the person-in-charge in recording and report generation of records. Based from the administered questionnaire to the five (5) IT Experts the validity of the developed system was valid having an average weighted mean of 4.37. The developed Senior Citizens Information System were determine as usable using the System Usability Scale questionnaire.