The Impact of Social Networking Sites to the Academic Performance of the Students in the Straight Curriculum During the SY 2013- 2014

Author: Ballesteros, Romy Santiago R.
Co-Author/s: Abando, David N., Alambra, Raymark Jan E., Barbachano, Maria Cecilia A., Fontanilla, Sarah Jane R., Rivera, Joy Ann A., Roxas, Hope Jay
Month Completed: March
Year Completed: 2014
Funding Agency:
Status: Completed
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The main problem of the study ¬†was to determine the impact of Social Networking Sites (SNS) to the academic performance of the students in the straight curriculum during the SY 2013-2014. Specifically , the researchers determined the profile of the respondents in terms of gender, year level, General Point Average (GPA) , monthly income and parents work; awareness and level of frequency of students using SNS; relationship between the ¬†students’ profile and their level of frequency in using SNS; and effects of SNS.

This study employed descriptive method to achieve the results which came from the respondents.

There were more females than males in terms of profile. There were equal distribution of respondents to each year level; majority of the respondents have a grade of 2.0 to 3.0; most respondents’ parents claimed a monthly income of 6,000-15,000; and respondents’ parents owned business. In addition, Facebook was seen to be the mostly used by students. More than one half of the respondents spent 1-3 hours in visiting Social Networking Sites (SNS). Further , monthly income and General Point Average (GPA) were significant to the Social Networking Sites (SNS) and Social Networking Sites (SNS) reduced learning and research capabilities of the respondents.