Regional Training Center 1 (RTC-1) Online Police Record System

Author: Gallocanta Jr. Donnie R.
Co-Author/s: Gasang, Maria Junika G., Martir, Cindy H., Milana, Michael Jonh G., Palma, Jeany Ann G., Perucho, Jaymie M.
Month Completed: March
Year Completed: 2015
Funding Agency:
Status: Completed
Cited by (Other Researchers):


The study generally aimed to design and develop the Regional Training Center-1 Online Police Record System of Regional Training Center-1, Aringay, La Union. Specifically, the researchers aimed to achieve the following objectives: (1) to identify the level of seriousness of the problems encountered in the existing record system records of the Regional Training Center-1; (2) to develop the Regional Training Center-1 Online Police Record System using Prototyping Model;’ and (3) to determine the level of usability of the developed Regional Training Center-1 Online Police Record System.

The researchers used descriptive end developmental method of research to gather and analyze the needed data to develop the system. The 5-point Likert Scale was used to interpret the gathered data. The researchers utilize the Prototyping Model that server as methodology in developing  the system.

Based on the results, the researchers found out that the status of the existing record system of the record system of the Regional Training Center-I use semi-computerized operation in managing their trainees’ record. Furthermore, the RTC-1 Online Police Record System was found usable in terms of usefulness, satisfaction, ease of use, and ease of learning.