Effectiveness of the Module on the Selected Topic in Computer Programming 2

Author: Domingo, Mark Anthony E.
Co-Author/s: Cantorna, Sharlene P., Licay, Miriam P., Oribello, Maria Conepcion J., Padin, Melanie D., Palala, Asnia D., Rullamas, Noriel R.
Month Completed: February
Year Completed: 2014
Funding Agency:
Status: Completed
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This study aimed to develop a Module on the Selected Topic in Computer Programming 2 and assess its Effectiveness. Specifically, it determined the module developed in Computer Programming 2 and its extent of ability, and to assess the significant differences of the level of performance and mean gain scores of the experimental and control group.

The study used the experimental design which utilized the pretest-posttest group design. Twenty two (22) students from Control Group used the traditional teaching method while students  from Experimental Group were exposed to the developed module.

The salient finding of the study were the following: (1) as for the content validity of the Module, the five competent Computer Programming Instructors rated it with a grand mean of 4.47 and it is denoted as very much valid; (2) The grand mean of the groups indicates that there is significant difference in the pretest and posttest as to their level of performance; and (3) The pretest and posttest mean scores obtained by the Control Group was 3.91 and for the Experimental Group was 7.73. This indicates the rejection of the null hypothesis. It implies that the module is effective and helps in the development of the student.