Assessment of Computer Literacy Training Program of the College of Computer Science

Author: Aspiras, Ronald M.
Co-Author/s: Cardona, Mariane A., Dismaya, Phil L., Rivera, Filemon D., Urbano, Jelson S., Villar, Ericka B., Zamudio, Mark Anthony A.
Month Completed: March
Year Completed: 2014
Funding Agency:
Status: On-Going
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This study aimed to assess the Computer Literacy Training Program of the College of Computer Science. Specifically, it sought to answer the following: (1) What is the profile of the school teachers in terms of Personal Information, Educational Background, Computer trainings and seminars attended and Availability of computer unit? (2) What are the inputs/processes of the College of Computer Science in conducting Computer Literacy Training Program (CLTP) (3) What is the knowledge gained by the public school teachers in the CLTP? (4)What is the extent of utilization of computer applications in terms of MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint? (5)What are the effects of the CLTP of the College of Computer Science?

This study was conducted in the public schools in Agoo, La Union. Descriptive research design was used with questionnaire as the main data gathering tool. The 58 public school teachers that have under gone the CLTP served as the respondents of the study.

The researchers found out that the teachers gained knowledge on MS applications during the CLTP. The MS Word and MS Excel applications are much utilized while MS PowerPoint was moderately utilized by the teachers in performing their activities.