Aglako: An Online Shopping System for Agoo, La Union

Author: Manga, Karla Angela R.
Co-Author/s: Beniegla, Ronaldo L., Calonge, Joy L., Allan Paulo C., Flores, Jojill D., Osorio, Neil Ivan L.
Month Completed: December
Year Completed: 2015
Funding Agency:
Status: Completed
Cited by (Other Researchers):


With the use of ecommerce becoming prevalent and increasingly become popular, it is swiftly gaining ground as an accepted and used business paradigm.

The study aimed to develop an Online Shopping System for Agoo, La Union. It specifically sought the functional requirement of the system; developed the AgLoko; and determined the level of usability of the develop AgLoko. The researchers utilized descriptive and developmental methods in treating the data that were given by the respondents such as the administrators, customers, and vendors, The RAD model was also used in developing the system. A survey was conducted to assess the usability of the developed system through the use of a Computer System USability Questionnaire. The data gathered from the respondents tallied using frequency counts and mean, which were interpreted through the use of Likert Scale.

The findings of the study are: the functional requirement of the system focuses on the user interface; use of RAD model in developing the system is very effective; and the the developed AgLoko was evaluated usable e-commerce system.