The curriculum of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science was designed and organized based on the guidelines of the CHED Memorandum Order No. 53 Series of 2006 and CHED Memorandum Order No. 18, Series of 2008. The adherence of the college to the standards imposed by CHED aims to train students to be proficient in the design and development of computing solutions congruent to the needs of both global and national labor markets. Other relevant elective subjects were also integrated in the curriculum for the aforementioned purpose making the total number of course offering units of the college 170 in comparison of the minimum requirements of CHED which is 155 units.

The College involves stakeholders in its curriculum enrichment to meet the demands of nearby industries. Thus, the BSCS curriculum has undergone three (3) revisions. The need for revision was based from the feedbacks of stakeholders, the employability of graduates as reflected in the institutions’ graduate tracer, and the recommendations of AACCUP accreditors during the Level III Phase 2 visit. Enrichments and revisions were presented to the college’s academic council and stakeholders, campus’ academic council, and finally, to the University Academic Council. The University Board of Regents had passed a resolution approving the enrichments or revisions.

With the emergence of OBE curriculum, the College was able to comply with CHED’s mandates as to the revision of format and contents of course syllabi. The administrators and faculty members worked hand in hand in the syllabi enrichment through the conduct of series of workshops to come up with learner-centered curriculum. The faculty members based their syllabi design on the Typology OBE Format of the Commission of Higher Education. With ardent conformity to the regulations of CHED, the college has set forth a clear and effectual curriculum all for the holistic development of students.