Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives

  • Vision - A premiere and globally competitive university

    Mission - Provide relevant quality instruction, research and extension
  • To provide computing professionals in engineering, scientific, industrial and business environments the desired competencies and desirable work values neeed to boost the local and global industry sectors.
    1. Produce computing professionals equipped with the personal, interpersonal and technical skills and attitudes to respond to the growing needs of the local and global industries;
    2. Provide leadership in the area of work as applications developers, computer science instructors, database programmers/designers, information security engineers and other related fields;
    3. Prepare students to the challenges of globalization by equipping them with the necessary IT competencies for lifelong learning;
    4. To participate in uplifting the quality of community life by contributing to the economic sector.

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CCS CREATE Attends IT-BPM Roadshow

          Community of Computer Education and Technology Empowerment (CREATE) participate as one of the student partners of t

CCS holds 1st research confab

With the theme, “Pursuing Research Towards Academic Excellence”, the College of Computer Science (CCS) conducted its 1st Research Conference on ICT 20


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