Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives

  • Vision - A premiere and globally competitive university

    Mission - Provide relevant quality instruction, research and extension
  • To provide computing professionals in engineering, scientific, industrial and business environments the desired competencies and desirable work values neeed to boost the local and global industry sectors.
    1. Produce computing professionals equipped with the personal, interpersonal and technical skills and attitudes to respond to the growing needs of the local and global industries;
    2. Provide leadership in the area of work as applications developers, computer science instructors, database programmers/designers, information security engineers and other related fields;
    3. Prepare students to the challenges of globalization by equipping them with the necessary IT competencies for lifelong learning;
    4. To participate in uplifting the quality of community life by contributing to the economic sector.
  • Vision - A distinct center of excellence in human, material and natural resources development, globally relevant and competitive, and focused on responsible citizenship, sustained economic growth and improvement of the quality of the life of the Filipino.

    Mission - As provided for in its Charter (PD 1778), it shall provide advanced instruction in the arts, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, engineering, and natural sciences as well as in the technological and professional fields, to promote research and engage in extension work.
  • 1. To develop quality human resource to serve the needs of the communications and information technology industry in both national and global labor markets
    2. To share its resources for the educational, cultural, socio-economic and moral upliftment of the people, particularly in Region 1.
    3. To establish inter-institutional and inter-agency linkages for effective implementation of its quadric-fold programs of instruction, research, extension and production.
  • 1. To produce holistic, humane, and globally competitive Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professionals.
    2. To empower ICT graduates to become effective agents of change.
    3. To discover new knowledge and expand existing ones in information and communication technology through the conduct of research.
    4. To help improve the quality of life through the community reach-out and extension services.
    5. To improve the quality of education through the production and use of instructional materials.
    6. To provide leadership in the promotion of computer literacy in its service areas.
    7. To be more responsive to quadric-fold programs of the university to achieve sustainable environment through the use of eco-friendly technology.

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